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Father has ...

...a relationship to every Unification Church member, so even if they die or are washed out into the satanic world, Father later pull them back to God. You have good security.

Father, 10 Jan 1993, "The Reappearance of the Second Coming and the Completed Testament Era"

Turning heaven and earth upside down...

...cannot be done overnight. Our conditions and efforts, the results of our witnessing, will show how many of our brothers and sisters, our clans, our nations and our neighbors we have embraced with love.

Mother, 29 Oct 2012

Please reach out...

...to everyone who ever knew True Parents. Tell them that ... our core leaders are sorry for the mistakes we made in loving brothers and sisters in the history of the American movement. We want them to come home. In their own way. According to their own hearts. They can connect and support True Parents and build the Peace Kingdom. This is the time for healing and love. It's time for all our family to be welcomed home. True Parents welcome all to come back home. This time we will make our house a house of prayer for all people.

Those of us who are strong should repent and reach out with love to all our former members and bring them home. Let's repent and forgive each other. Share the grace of True Parents and make a new start.

MWJ, 18 Aug 2005